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ST issued an official statement rumor! Special instructions for MCU availability!

Author:意法半导体 Release time:2017-07-22 Source: Font: Big Middle Small View count:546

ST rumors said that the recent rumors about the delivery cycle of STMicroelectronics MCU 88 weeks, closing orders are not true. In fact, STMicroelectronics MCU has sufficient capacity, long-term production and supply strategies and improvement plans, with both normal capacity and backup capacity.

At the same time, ST has been working in the Chinese market for dozens of years, mainly through the agents and distributor partners to supply related products to customers. Agents and distributors have made predictions based on market demand and confirmed long-term and rolling orders with STMicroelectronics.During the first and second quarters of 2017, STMicroelectronics' MCU shipments reached a record high, with significant year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter growth; in the next quarter, ST is expected to continue to achieve steady growth.Based on a long-term and keen understanding of the market and customer needs, STMicroelectronics stated that it is very confident to serve the target market and meet all customer needs.STMicroelectronics celebrated the 10th anniversary of STM32 in June this year and worked closely with its customers and partners to build a powerful STM32 ecosystem.

As a leading MCU manufacturer, STMicroelectronics has also been well received by the market and trusted by users and partners.Finally, ST said that in the future, we will stick to our commitment to work together with our partners to meet the tremendous opportunities brought about by the outbreak of the IoT market and to share the future.

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