MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT Micron eMMC Flash Datasheet

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The Micron MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT is a specific model of e•MMC™ memory module designed and manufactured by Micron Technology Inc. This module is part of Micron's lineup of embedded multimedia card (e•MMC™) solutions, which are widely used in various electronic devices requiring reliable non-volatile storage. The "4M" designation likely refers to a specific variant or version of this module.


With a capacity of 8 gigabits (1 gigabyte), the MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT e•MMC™ module offers ample storage space for storing operating systems, applications, and user data in a compact form factor. It utilizes NAND flash memory technology, which provides fast data transfer rates and high endurance, making it suitable for use in demanding applications such as smartphones, tablets, automotive infotainment systems, industrial automation, and IoT devices.


Featuring a 153-ball Very Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array (VFBGA) package, the MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT e•MMC™ module is designed for surface-mount installation, enabling easy integration into circuit boards and minimizing space requirements. It operates within a wide voltage range of 2.7V to 3.6V, making it compatible with various power supply systems.


Overall, the Micron MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT e•MMC™ module provides a reliable and high-performance storage solution for a wide range of embedded applications, offering efficient data storage and retrieval capabilities in a compact and durable package.

MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT Pinout 153 ball


Top View

MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT Specifications




Micron Technology Inc.





Part Status


DigiKey Programmable

Not Verified

Memory Type


Memory Format




Memory Size


Memory Organization

8G x 8

Memory Interface


Voltage - Supply

2.7V ~ 3.6V

Operating Temperature

-40°C ~ 85°C (TA)

Mounting Type

Surface Mount

Package / Case


Clock Frequency Max


I/O Voltage


Number of Pins


Component Configuration

8G x 8


Absolute Maximum Ratings

Absolute Maximum Ratings.png

Key Features of MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT

  • Non-Volatile FLASH Memory: Retains data without power.

  • 64Gbit Capacity: Provides ample storage space.

  • NAND FLASH Technology: Utilizes NAND FLASH for memory storage.

  • Wide Operating Range: Operates in temperatures from -40°C to 85°C.

  • Compact Design: 153-ball VFBGA package for space-saving integration.

  • High-Speed Operation: Supports a maximum clock frequency of 200MHz.

  • Versatile Voltage Support: Operates within 2.7V to 3.6V supply range.

  • MMC Interface: Conforms to the MMC standard for data transfer.

  • Surface Mount Compatibility: Designed for easy surface mounting.


e·MMC Part Numbering

e·MMC Part Numbering.png

e.MMC Functional Block Diagram

e.MMC Functional Block Diagram.png


Advantages of MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT

The advantages of the Micron MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT e•MMC™ memory module include:


  • Ample Storage Capacity: With a capacity of 8 gigabits (1 gigabyte), the MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT provides sufficient storage space for operating systems, applications, and user data in embedded systems and mobile devices.


  • Compact Form Factor: The 153-ball Very Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array (VFBGA) package ensures a compact footprint, making it suitable for space-constrained applications where board space is limited.

  • High-Speed Data Transfer: Utilizing NAND flash memory technology, the MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT offers fast data transfer rates, facilitating quick access to stored data and enhancing overall system performance.

  • Wide Operating Voltage Range: Operating within a voltage range of 2.7V to 3.6V, this e•MMC™ module is compatible with various power supply systems, offering flexibility and ease of integration into different electronic devices.

  • Robust and Reliable: Micron's reputation for quality and reliability ensures that the MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT e•MMC™ module delivers consistent performance and durability, meeting the requirements of demanding industrial and automotive applications.

  • Ease of Integration: Designed for surface-mount installation, the MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT e•MMC™ module is easy to integrate into circuit boards, simplifying the manufacturing process and reducing time-to-market for electronic devices.

  • Suitable for Embedded Applications: The MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT e•MMC™ module is well-suited for embedded applications such as automotive infotainment systems, industrial automation, IoT devices, and consumer electronics, offering reliable non-volatile storage for critical data and firmware.

  • Low Power Consumption: With efficient power management features, the MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT e•MMC™ module helps minimize power consumption, extending the battery life of mobile devices and reducing overall energy usage in embedded systems.


Overall, the Micron MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT e•MMC™ module provides a combination of performance, reliability, and versatility, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of embedded applications requiring high-quality non-volatile storage solutions.


MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT Application

Smartphones and Tablets: The MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT e•MMC™ module is commonly used in smartphones and tablets as the primary storage solution. It stores the operating system, applications, photos, videos, and other user data. The high-speed data transfer rates and compact form factor of this module ensure smooth performance and efficient multitasking in mobile devices. Additionally, its low power consumption helps extend battery life, making it an ideal choice for portable devices.


Automotive Infotainment Systems: Within automotive infotainment systems, the MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT e•MMC™ module is utilized for storing navigation maps, multimedia content, firmware, and system configurations. Its robust design and resistance to temperature variations and vibrations make it suitable for use in automotive environments. It ensures reliable operation of essential functionalities such as GPS navigation, audio/video playback, hands-free calling, and vehicle diagnostics.


Embedded Industrial Applications: In industrial automation and embedded systems, the MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT e•MMC™ module serves as a reliable storage solution for PLCs, HMIs, and robotic controllers. It stores control programs, firmware updates, and logging data, enabling real-time monitoring and control of manufacturing processes. Its high-speed data transfer capabilities and resistance to harsh industrial conditions make it well-suited for use in demanding industrial environments.


Wearable Health Devices: The MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT e•MMC™ module is also employed in wearable health devices such as fitness trackers and smartwatches. It stores user health data, activity logs, and firmware, providing a secure and reliable storage solution for sensitive health information. Its low power consumption and compact form factor make it ideal for integration into wearable devices with limited space and battery capacity.


IoT Devices: In Internet of Things (IoT) applications, the MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT e•MMC™ module is used for storing firmware, configuration files, and application data in various IoT devices such as smart sensors, home automation systems, and industrial monitoring devices. Its high reliability, high-speed data transfer, and robustness make it suitable for use in IoT applications requiring dependable non-volatile storage.


Package Dimension

153-Ball VFBGA – 11.5mm x 13.0mm x 1.0mm (Package code CN)




Micron Technology Inc., established in 1978 and headquartered in Boise, Idaho, is a prominent global leader in semiconductor memory solutions. Renowned for its innovative contributions to the memory industry, Micron specializes in the production of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM), NAND flash memory, NOR flash memory, and solid-state drives (SSDs). Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a steadfast commitment to research and development, Micron continuously pushes the boundaries of memory architecture and product design. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities across the globe, Micron ensures the production of high-quality memory products that cater to diverse industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, and enterprise computing. Through its dedication to innovation and quality, Micron has solidified its position as a key player in the semiconductor market, competing alongside other industry giants such as Samsung and Intel.


Complementing its technological prowess, Micron prioritizes corporate responsibility and sustainability in its operations. The company places a strong emphasis on environmental stewardship, employee well-being, and community engagement. By implementing energy-efficient manufacturing practices and responsible waste management initiatives, Micron strives to minimize its environmental footprint and contribute positively to society. With a focus on delivering reliable and innovative memory solutions while upholding ethical business practices, Micron continues to shape the future of memory technology, driving advancements that empower industries and enrich people's lives worldwide.


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FAQs about eMMC Memory

What is e•MMC™ memory?


e•MMC™ (embedded MultiMediaCard) is a type of embedded flash memory storage solution commonly used in mobile devices, tablets, automotive infotainment systems, IoT devices, and other consumer electronics. It integrates flash memory chips with a controller and standardized interface into a single package, providing a compact and cost-effective storage solution.


What are the key features of e•MMC™ memory?


e•MMC™ memory offers high storage capacity, fast read and write speeds, low power consumption, reliability, and ease of integration. It typically includes features such as wear leveling, bad block management, error correction, and security features to ensure data integrity and protection.


Is e•MMC™ memory suitable for industrial and automotive applications?


Yes, e•MMC™ memory is suitable for industrial and automotive applications that require reliable and rugged storage solutions. It is designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions and offers features such as extended temperature ranges, high endurance, and robust performance.

Does e•MMC™ memory support security features?


Yes, e•MMC™ memory often includes built-in security features such as hardware-based encryption, secure boot, secure erase, and secure write protection. These features help protect sensitive data stored in the memory and prevent unauthorized access or tampering.

What is the lifespan of e•MMC™ memory?


The lifespan of e•MMC™ memory depends on various factors, including the NAND flash technology used, the specific application requirements, and the usage patterns. Manufacturers typically provide endurance specifications in terms of program/erase cycles for different product variants.


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