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NXP/Freescale Embedded Chips MCU/MPU



  • EMC protection processing method
    EMC protection processing method

    Distortion of the waveform caused by input noise or a reflected waveform may cause an error. If the input voltage range of CMOS devices remains between VIL (MAX) and VIH (MIN) due to noise, etc., an error may occur in the device. During transmission, when the input level is fixed and the input level transitions from VIL (MAX) to VIH (MIN), it prevents scattered noise from affecting the device.

  • Arc discharge countermeasures to protect high-voltage MLCCs
    Arc discharge countermeasures to protect high-voltage MLCCs

    In applications where energy conservation is critical, such as wind or solar inverters or electric vehicle (EV) powertrains, distributing power at high voltage helps reduce I 2 R losses. For example, in EV applications, the DC link supplying power to the inverter can be 3 V to 400 V, and for wind or solar regulation, even higher. However, high operating voltages such as these present additional safety challenges for the end user and the component - even those with the proper voltage rating stamped on the case.