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Shopping Process

First, register and login

1. About registration

Click "Free Registration" at the top of the homepage to quickly register as an Amoy member. The registered email address will be used to retrieve the password. Please register with your truely email address. Users who have an account can log in directly.

2, Retrieve the password

Users who have lost their passwords can retrieve their passwords by following the “Forgot Password” button on the login page.

Second, select products

1, Home keyword search

At the product search, you can search for all regular items by selecting the category of the part and entering the part name or keyword in the content bar by clicking the "Search" button.

2, Classified navigation search

You can also find the product category you want to buy through the category navigation bar on the Veswin's home page , and find your product according to the classification.

Third, Confirm the purchase

After selecting the desired product, confirm the model and quantity. Click the “Add to Cart” button on the product detail page to put the product into the shopping cart. You can also continue to select the product into the shopping cart and settle them together. If you want to modify the order, click "My Shopping Cart" on the upper right side of the page to modify the shopping cart item, modify the item quantity, delete the item and empty the shopping cart.

Fourth, Verify the information

1. Fill in the correct and detailed delivery address so that the delivery personnel can deliver it to you in time.

2. Choose your shipping method and delivery time. In general, we default to express delivery, this delivery method is only available to the customer within the scope of express delivery, or the customer comes to our company to pick up the goods. The payment methods we provide are: balance payment, online banking, Alipay, bank transfer.

3. Fill in the invoice information. You can choose whether you need to invoice on the order confirmation page, and fill in the invoice header and invoice content in the order note below. Please contact online customer service for VAT invoice.

Fifth, Order payment

1. You can view orders, print contracts, and pay for unpaid orders in My Orders - Order Management.

2. After the order is submitted, the page will prompt the order number. We will email you an order confirmation letter. This order confirmation only confirms that we have received your order. After completing all the above processes, you can click "Submit Order" and ask you to pay for the payment according to the selected payment method.

Sixth, Signing and review

In order to protect your rights and interests, you must check with the delivery personnel on the spot to check whether the type, quantity, specifications, gifts, shelf life, etc. of the goods are consistent with the order, and then sign the receipt. After confirming the receipt, you can review the product on the Veswin electronic website.