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Industrial Control - Electric Bicycle Solution Based on Renesas R8C Series MCU

Author: Release time:2017-07-22 Source: Font: Big Middle Small View count:556

Program Description:

This scheme adopts Renesas R8C single-chip microcomputer. The control part of the main system has the identification of acceleration/brake information. According to this information, the three-phase motor is controlled, and the battery voltage and overcurrent can also be detected. An electric bicycle is a special bicycle that uses a battery as an auxiliary energy source and has two wheels, which can realize human riding, electric or electric assisting functions. According to the national standards for the design of the top speed, empty car quality, size specifications, electric bicycles belong to the non-motor vehicle management category, should have the following five characteristics: must have the pedaling function, the battery is only used as an auxiliary energy; must have Two wheels; the design speed is no more than 20 km / h; the weight of the whole vehicle is not more than 40 kg; the width of the tire (in the tire) is not more than 54 mm. The model of the electric bicycle is the TD (electric bicycle type of special bicycle type). Although it has the appearance characteristics of ordinary bicycles (even with the appearance characteristics of motorcycles), the main thing is that it is installed on the basis of ordinary bicycles, and controls parts and displays such as motors, controllers, batteries, turning brakes, etc. Mechatronics personal transportation of instrumentation systems.

Program key device table:

Types of Model Vendor Description
MCU R5F21226JFP#U1 Renesas IC R8C/22 MCU FLASH 48LQFP
EEPROM R1EX24002ASAS0A Renesas I2C bus interface
Reset IC RNA51953A Renesas Variable detection voltage
Stabilizer HA178L05A Renesas 100mA, 5V output TO-92MOD profile
MosFET RJK0822SPN Renesas N Channel 6 MOSFET

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