Return Process

Goods return policy

Customers may not return any goods unless they have prior consent from Veswin. All goods must have an RMA number before they can be returned to Veswin. If you don't understand anything, please communicate with the after-sales customer service. All returned goods are returned at the customer's own risk and expense and should be uninsured by the customer and in the original packaging. The customer is responsible for returning the goods to Veswin and providing proof of delivery of such returns. Appropriate precautions must be taken for items classified as “statically sensitive”.
All goods accepted for return should be returned to Veswin within seven days of Veswin's delivery.
Veswin has the right, at its discretion, to receive a restocking fee of 30% of the value of the invoice for the goods returned as "unwanted" or "wrongly ordered" goods (minimum cost $10).
Veswin expressly reserves the right to refuse to cancel orders or returns for the following goods
1. The product is not sold and shipped by Veswin;
2. The original packaging and cargo label of the product are damaged;
3. The delivery time is more than one week, which is subject to the delivery date;
4. Lost the invoice issued;
5. The product has been used by the customer, except for inherent defects;
6. Problems that contribute to product quality include, but are not limited to, accidents, abuse, unreasonable use, misuse, power problems, failure to follow product instructions, and/or storage and/or installation of products, failure to perform required preventive maintenance , normal wear and tear, natural disasters, fires, floods, wars, acts of violence or any similar events; non-Veswin personnel or non-Veswin authorized persons to commission, repair or support, process or resell the product, and use non-Veswin supplies Problems caused by the parts.
If Veswin receives any products that are not sold and shipped by it, Veswin will immediately inspect and destroy it. For products returned by Customer to Veswin, the Client certifies that the returned product was purchased from Veswin and is not wholly or partly in the same or similar products of other manufacturers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors or other channels of the same or similar products. replace.

Refund policy

Veswin supports returning the original payment method according to the user's original payment method.
If the enterprise user applies for a refund, if it is inconsistent with the original payment account, the original document with the official seal must be submitted, and the application shall be handled after the examination and approval.

Goods return process

1. Within 15 days of shipment, you can contact the online customer service on the Veswin website to provide feedback on your product. You can also choose to return the application in the personal center under the Veswin website - customer service - return or "transaction management - my order - completed order", select the corresponding reason for the return and the processing method. If you do not understand, please call +86-755-83343342 to submit your communication.
2. After receiving the return application, the customer service staff will contact you to confirm the problem.
3. After the confirmation is correct, the customer service personnel will approve the return and exchange application and provide the RMA number, and the system will send an email to your website registration email to inform the details of the return.
4. Once you have obtained the RMA number, you will need to ship the goods to the designated address as soon as possible.
5. After Veswin receives the return and accepts it, it will arrange a refund or re-delivery.