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Industrial Control Applications - TDK offers a wide range of products for industrial control

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Basic Information

The field of industrial control is a unique application scenario. The equipment is required to be waterproof, dustproof, moisture resistant and capable of operating at extreme temperatures (-40 ° C ~ +85 ° C).

Specific application scenarios include: motor control, industrial networks (fieldbus, Ethernet gateway, Ethernet converter, industrial hub), human machine interface (HMI), sensors, meters, and more.

Common products are: industrial computer, PLC, frequency converter, motion controller, field instrument, machine vision and so on.

Advantage manufacturer

TDK's inductors are divided into two types: laminated structure and coil structure.

The laminated structure inductance refers to a laminated product that achieves high inductance, high Q value, and more miniaturization through a unique multilayer substrate process technology. The coil structure inductance refers to a coil type product in which the Rdc value is reduced and the power consumption is made possible by the highly efficient closed magnetic circuit structure using the high μ value ferrite fine particles.

TDK has a wide range of products that can be selected according to the application of high frequency, signal, power supply, etc. and the required characteristics.

Representative products

SGmicro-Analog switch

SGM2258 SGM2268 SGM3001 SGM3157 SGM4157

ALPS-Tactile switch

SKHR Series SKHL Series SKHH Series SKHW Series SKRD Series


PE43204 PE4305 PE43501 PE43404 PE4307

TDK-Fixed inductor

MLG 0603P MLG 0402Q MLG 1608 MLK 0603 MLK 1005

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