DM74LS04N Hex Inverting Gates Datasheet and Equivalent

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DM74LS04N Description

The DM74LS04N, produced by ON Semiconductor (formerly Fairchild Semiconductor), is a hex inverter integrated circuit featuring six inverters adept at swiftly converting input signals into their logical complements.



Utilizing bipolar transistor technology and categorized within the low-power Schottky logic family, it operates reliably across a broad voltage range and withstands temperatures from 0°C to +70°C. This versatile component finds extensive application in digital logic circuits, facilitating tasks like signal inversion, level shifting, and buffering. It is widely employed in various domains including microcontroller interfacing, clock signal conditioning, and automotive electronics, highlighting its reliability, compatibility, and adherence to TTL logic standards.

3D Model





3D model.png

3D model


DM74LS04N Specifications





Product Category




Number of Circuits

6 Circuit

Logic Family


Logic Type


Package / Case


Supply Voltage - Max

5.25 V

Supply Voltage - Min

4.75 V

Maximum Operating Temperature


Mounting Style

Through Hole


onsemi / Fairchild



High Level Output Current

-400 µA

Low Level Output Current

8 mA

Operating Supply Voltage

5 V

Product Type



Logic ICs


Absolute Maximum Ratings




Absolute Maximum Ratings

Supply Voltage


Input Voltage


Operating Free Air Temperature Range

0°C to +70°C

Storage Temperature Range

-65°C to +150°C


Features of DM74LS04N  

  • Inverter Functionality: Provides inverters, essential for logic signal inversion.

  • Bipolar Logic Type: Utilizes bipolar technology for robust performance.

  • Low-Power Schottky (LS) Logic Family: Balances power efficiency and speed.

  • 6-Circuit Design: Incorporates six circuits for versatile applications.

  • Wide Supply Voltage Range: Operates reliably within 4.75V to 5.25V range.

  • High Temperature Tolerance: Functions efficiently at temperatures up to +70°C.

  • Through-Hole Mounting Style: Facilitates secure and stable installation.

  • High Output Current Capability: Supports a high output current of 8 mA at low levels and -400 µA at high levels.

  • Dual Branding: Manufactured by onsemi and previously by Fairchild, ensuring quality and reliability.

  • Non-RoHS Compliance: Not compliant with Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive.


DM74LS04N Application & Uses

DM74LS04N is a versatile component that finds applications in a wide range of electronic systems and circuits where signal inversion, level shifting, and buffering are essential for proper functionality. Its reliability, compatibility, and ease of use make it a popular choice among electronics designers and engineers.


Digital Logic Circuits:

The DM74LS04N is commonly used in digital logic circuits where signal inversion, buffering, and level shifting are required. It serves as an essential component for various logic operations, such as AND, OR, NAND, and NOR gates. By connecting the input signal to one of the inputs of the inverter and using its complemented output, logic operations can be performed effectively.


Microcontroller Interface:

In microcontroller-based systems, the DM74LS04N is utilized for interfacing between the microcontroller and other digital components. Microcontrollers often operate at different voltage levels compared to other peripheral devices or sensors. The inverter can be employed to convert logic levels between the microcontroller and these external components, ensuring compatibility and proper signal communication.


Clock Signal Conditioning:

Clock circuits require precise signal conditioning to ensure proper synchronization and timing within a system. The DM74LS04N can be used for clock signal conditioning tasks such as signal inversion, shaping, and frequency division. It ensures that the clock signals maintain their integrity and are properly synchronized with the system's operation.


Communication Systems:

In communication systems, the DM74LS04N finds applications in signal conversion and encoding/decoding tasks. It can be used to convert between different logic levels or signal formats, ensuring compatibility between different components of the communication system. Additionally, it aids in encoding and decoding digital data signals for transmission and reception.


Automotive Electronics:

Automotive electronics often require signal conditioning and interfacing between various components such as sensors, actuators, and control units. The DM74LS04N can be employed in engine control units (ECUs), dashboard electronics, and other automotive systems for tasks such as signal inversion, level shifting, and buffering. It ensures reliable communication and proper operation of electronic systems in vehicles.


Electrical and Switching Characteristics

Electrical Characteristics

Electrical Characteristics.png


Switching Characteristics

Switching Characteristics.png


Connection Diagram

Connection Diagram.png

Function Table

Function Table.png


DM74LS04N Equivalent Part

SN74LS04: This is a similar hex inverter IC produced by Texas Instruments. It offers equivalent functionality to the DM74LS04N and can be used as a substitute in many applications.


MC74LS04: Manufactured by ON Semiconductor, the MC74LS04 is another hex inverter IC that is compatible with the DM74LS04N. It operates using the same TTL logic and provides comparable performance.


CD74HCT04E: This is a hex inverter IC from Texas Instruments, operating on the HCT (High-Speed CMOS with TTL Compatibility) logic family. While not identical to the DM74LS04N, it can serve as a functional substitute in many applications.


74HC04: Produced by various manufacturers including NXP Semiconductors and Texas Instruments, the 74HC04 is a hex inverter IC operating on the HC (High-Speed CMOS) logic family. It can be used as an equivalent substitute for the DM74LS04N in certain applications.


CD4049UB: This is a hex inverter IC from Texas Instruments, operating on the CMOS logic family. While it operates differently from the DM74LS04N, it can be used as an alternative in applications where CMOS logic is preferred.

Physical Dimensions 14-DIP

Physical Dimensions 14-DIP.png


ON Semiconductor Corporation, commonly referred to as onsemi, is a leading supplier of semiconductor-based solutions, serving a wide range of industries including automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, and medical. The company designs, manufactures, and markets a broad portfolio of power management, signal management, logic, discrete, and custom devices to help customers solve their unique challenges in electronic design.


With a strong commitment to innovation and quality, onsemi provides cutting-edge semiconductor technologies and solutions that enable efficient power management, enhanced connectivity, improved performance, and higher reliability in various applications. The company's products are integral components in numerous electronic systems, from automotive electronics and industrial automation to mobile devices and renewable energy systems.


Additionally, onsemi focuses on sustainability and corporate responsibility, aiming to minimize its environmental impact and promote ethical business practices throughout its operations.


Fairchild, now a part of ON Semiconductor, was also a renowned semiconductor company known for its contributions to the development of transistor technology and integrated circuits. Before its acquisition by ON Semiconductor in 2016, Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation played a significant role in shaping the electronics industry with its innovative products and solutions.

DM74LS04N Datasheet

Download DM74LS04N datasheet PDF here>>


What is a hex inverter integrated circuit?


A hex inverter integrated circuit is a type of semiconductor device that contains six individual inverters on a single chip. Each inverter takes an input signal and produces an output signal that is the logical complement (inverse) of the input signal.


Are hex inverter ICs available in different package types?


Yes, hex inverter ICs are available in various package types, including through-hole packages (such as DIP and PDIP) and surface-mount packages (such as SOIC, TSSOP, and QFN). The choice of package type depends on the application requirements and assembly methods.


What is the pinout configuration of the DM74LS04N?


The DM74LS04N typically comes in a 14-pin dual in-line package (DIP). Pin 7 is the ground (GND) pin, and Pin 14 is the supply voltage (VCC) pin. Pins 1 through 6 are input pins, and Pins 8 through 13 are output pins, with each pair corresponding to one inverter.


Can the DM74LS04N be cascaded or connected in series with other ICs?


Yes, the DM74LS04N can be cascaded or connected in series with other DM74LS04N ICs or other TTL logic devices to form larger logic circuits or to increase the number of inverters in a system.

Is the DM74LS04N compatible with CMOS logic devices?


While the DM74LS04N is a TTL logic device, it can interface with CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) logic devices using level-shifting techniques or dedicated interfacing ICs.

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