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Veswin Electronics Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in the electronic components industry and has a good cooperative relationship with many well-known brands Buy electronics components from save your time and money with more confidence! and agents in the Asia-Pacific region. It distributes internationally famous brands: TI, ST, NXP, IR, Fairchild, ON, ADI, TOSHIBA and other well-known brands in the industry.

Quality Management Certification

Quality Management Certification

Veswin Electronics is certified to the
ISO9001:2015 international quality standard. We provide strict sourcing inspection, customized parts, and logistics service to make your purchasing process easy and safe.

Efficient Procurement Solutions

Efficient Procurement Solutions

We provide a complete and cost-effective sourcing solution for OEMs, Contract Manufacturers, Service & Repair Organizations, Distributors, R&D Groups and other companies that require electronic components.

Application field

Our products are mainly used in aerospace, communications, automotive, power control, computer equipment, household appliances, electronic equipment and other fields, we have a number of global components suppliers and work closely together. To "price advantage, high-quality goods, the fastest delivery and perfect after-sales service" for business tenets, dedicated to the global OEM, CEM, EMS electronics manufacturers and traders.

Our business range involved in electronics, automotive, communications, instrumentation, industrial control, GPS, Security Electronics and Products matching, etc. Primarily supporting the wholesale electronics business mainly to provide integrated circuits and electronic products devices, our high-tech services are in the international and the domestic IC industry has been in a leading trend.

Application Field

Accessing Rare Electronic Components

We quickly and efficiently find both current and obsolete or hard-to-find parts by utilizing our access to millions of inventory data files from major OEM's and Distributor together with our online component search engine which searches both our own warehouse stock as well as the global stock available through us.

Accessing Rare Electronic Components
Accessing Rare Electronic Components Accessing Rare Electronic Components
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Our Certifications

Veswin continues to pursue excellent service and quality. We have been widely recognized by many third-party qualification certification and industry organizations.

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