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Supercapacitor performance advantage map

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Supercapacitors were first introduced in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s, and were market-oriented in the 1980s. They have a super-storage capability. It combines the high current fast charge and discharge characteristics of ordinary capacitors with the energy storage characteristics of batteries, filling the blank of specific energy and specific power between common capacitors and batteries. Supercapacitors are known as a revolution in the field of energy storage and will replace traditional batteries in certain areas.

Supercapacitor performance

The energy density of supercapacitors is several hundred times that of traditional capacitors. The power density is two orders of magnitude higher than that of batteries, which can make up for the shortcomings of low specific power, poor charge and discharge performance of large currents and low energy density of conventional capacitors.

Supercapacitor performance advantage map

Supercapacitors exhibit insufficient self-discharge, energy density, and energy costs compared to lead-acid, nickel-metal hydride, and lithium batteries, but in terms of efficiency, fast charge characteristics, temperature range, safety, power cost, power density, and lifetime. Supercapacitors have the advantage that other batteries cannot be surpassed.

Supercapacitor is a new type of energy storage device with no pollution, long life (150,000-500,000 times), safe and reliable, and huge energy storage. It is an ideal energy storage device. The specific characteristics are as follows:

1. High cycle life, cycle life can reach more than 500,000 times, totaling 10 years, far exceeding the theoretical maximum cycle of 2000-5000 times;

2, fast charging characteristics, because there is no chemical reaction of electrical energy conversion chemical energy, charging 10 seconds -10 minutes, can reach its rated capacity of more than 95%;

3, high power density characteristics, with superior dynamic characteristics, up to 300W / kg ~ 5000W / kg, equivalent to 5-10 times the battery; can better meet the vehicle's instantaneous high power when starting, accelerating, climbing Requirements

4, high current discharge capacity is super strong, process loss is small; large current is dozens of times the battery;

5, good ultra-low temperature characteristics, temperature range is -40 ° C ~ +70 ° C; and the general battery is -20 ° C ~ +60 ° C;

6, no pollution, safe and reliable, super capacitor is green energy (activated carbon), does not pollute the environment, is an ideal green power source;

7. Life-free maintenance: The supercapacitor adopts a fully sealed structure, no liquid volatilization such as moisture, and does not require maintenance during the whole life;

8. In line with cost, the price of supercapacitors is 1 times higher than that of lead-acid batteries, but the life expectancy is 10 times higher than that of batteries.

Super capacitor manufacturing method

Method for treating activated carbon for supercapacitors

The invention relates to a method for treating activated carbon for supercapacitor, which is characterized in that an underpotential deposition is performed on the surface of the activated carbon by using any one of metal ions Al3+, Li+, Zn2+, Cu2+, Tl+ and Pb2+ to provide a Faraday quasi-capacitance for the electrochemical double layer capacitor. . Any one of the ionic solutions may be added to the supercapacitor KoH electrolyte, or the activated carbon powder may be modified with any of the ionic solutions to deposit the ions in the micropores. The super container prepared by the invention cooperates with a battery or other battery to form a composite battery, and solves the problem that the existing battery cannot meet the requirements of high power, large capacity and fast charging, and is widely used for aerospace, military, transportation, electric power, communication and the like. The department has important practical significance and broad prospects. Electronic timer using super capacitor and method thereof

An electronic timer using a supercapacitor and a method thereof are composed of a variable resistor, a super capacitor and an electromagnetic relay. When a main power source is turned off, powering the electromagnetic relay by the supercapacitor will extend or activate the operation of a load until the supercapacitor stops discharging. In combination with the variable resistor and the other two components, the discharge time of the supercapacitor can be linearly changed by the variable resistor, thus producing a linear configuration of the hysteresis adjustment of the load and the actuation time. This simple, small and inexpensive timer can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting, security detection systems and activation systems. Polarizable electrode carbon material of super capacitor and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a polarizable electrode carbon material for a supercapacitor and a preparation method thereof. It contains the electrode of this material and the supercapacitor of the electrode. The polarized electrode carbon material of the present invention is obtained by a solid/liquid heterogeneous chemical reaction using commercially available activated carbon. The chemically modified activated carbon has a specific surface area of 600-1300 m2g-1, a nitrogen element content of 0.1-5.0%, a ratio of the micropore volume to the total pore volume ≥0.8, and a particle size ranging from 1 μm to 30 μm, in the non-aqueous electrolyte solution, The activated carbon polarized electrode has a specific capacity of 41Fg-1. Automotive high specific energy supercapacitor

A vehicle supercapacitor having large capacity, high performance, long life and fast charge and discharge speed; comprising a first electrode, a second electrode, an electrolyte, a current collector, a diaphragm and a casing, wherein the absolute capacity of the first electrode is greater than The absolute capacitance of the two electrodes, and the electrode material in the second electrode is made of a material that stores energy by the electric double layer principle or the quasi-capacitance principle, and the electrode material in the first electrode is stored by the Faraday process or the quasi-capacitor principle. Made of a material, the electrolyte is an organic solution. Vehicle power supply supercapacitor


The invention relates to a power source supercapacitor for a vehicle. The supercapacitor core is composed of a sintered nickel oxide positive electrode sheet, a foamed nickel-based negative electrode sheet coated with a specific material, and a folded continuous diaphragm. After the capacitor core is fabricated and soldered, the current terminal is placed in a plastic case, and the electrolyte is injected, and the supercapacitor is obtained by sealing. The supercapacitor has sufficient high power density and energy density, low cost, long service life, multiple charge and discharge cycles, and is suitable for power sources of various types of electric vehicles, and has good value for popularization and application. Vehicle starter supercapacitor

The invention relates to a vehicle starting supercapacitor. The supercapacitor core is composed of a sintered nickel oxide positive electrode sheet enclosing a diaphragm, a continuous active carbon fiber cloth negative electrode and a thin nickel plate supported by a current collector. After the capacitor core is fabricated and soldered, the current terminal is placed in a plastic case, and the electrolyte is injected, and the supercapacitor is obtained by sealing. The supercapacitor has high power density and energy density, light weight, low cost and long service life, and is suitable for starting energy of various types of vehicles, and has good value for popularization and application. Battery and super capacitor charging and discharging equalization method and device A battery and super capacitor charging and discharging equalization method and device, the device is charged and discharged by a microcomputer system

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