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Common maintenance methods of practical inverter

Author: Release time:2020-01-03 Source: Font: Big Middle Small View count:71

An inverter is a common electronic device in our life or work. Compared with common transformers, the inverter's working process is an inverse reaction of the transformer.

Cheng. For our current industry, inverters are an indispensable piece of equipment for people's work. Equipment will fail after a long time of use, and a new purchase will waste money.

The editor will explain how to repair the inverter short circuit and common methods of inverter repair. Please read below.

How to repair the inverter short circuit

How to repair the inverter short circuit, there are two kinds of common failures: the inverter cannot start normally, it can start normally, but the AC cannot output normally.

Symptom--: The inverter cannot start normally

Step 1. First look at the control panel (ie the driver) to see if the components of the control panel are damaged or short-circuited. If it is found that a single component is broken, then the part is directly damaged; if the entire control panel is detected Bad, you need to worsen the entire panel. If the control panel is normal, go to step 2

Step 2. Detect whether the battery is running out of power or degraded, and measure the voltage with a multimeter. The battery voltage standards of various inverters are not the same. Measure according to the specific voltage standards. If the battery has no voltage or the voltage is low, it means that the battery is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Symptom two: It can start normally, but the AC cannot output normally

Step 1. Check the battery and see if the voltage is normal.

Step 2. If there is no problem with the battery, check whether the DC-to-AC motherboard is damaged. First, visually check whether any components have been burned out. If any, replace the damaged ones directly.

Device; visually check that there is no problem. Use a multimeter to measure whether there is a short circuit in each component. If there is a short circuit, replace the short circuit part. If there is no short circuit, it is judged that the CPU is bad.

Common methods of inverter repair

Inverter maintenance has different methods for different components. Different maintenance tools are needed for maintenance, and only some electronic circuits need to be mastered.

The basic skills can be repaired. However, before the component is repaired, it is necessary to detect the failure point. This is a very complicated process. When testing

All of them are artificial detection, smelling, questioning, and cutting. If there is no result, the components may be damaged. For component damage, different components should be used

Different inspection tools to perform the inspection. The above are common methods for inverter repair.

Inverter use range

1. Use office equipment (such as computers, fax machines, printers, scanners, etc.).

2. Use household appliances (such as: game consoles, DVDs, stereos, video cameras, fans, lighting fixtures, etc.).

3. Or when you need to charge the battery (batteries such as mobile phones, electric shavers, digital cameras, video cameras, etc.).

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