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Automotive electronic graphic instrument solution of Renesas SH7264 single chip microcomputer

Author:joy Release time:2017-08-19 Source: Font: Big Middle Small View count:826

Program Description:

This graphical instrumentation solution uses the Renesas SH7264 microcontroller, which uses not only color LCD panels, speedometers and torque, but also reading fuel data and other information to the driver, such as: travel instructions, navigation information, etc. . Automotive electronics is the general term for electronic control devices for car bodies and electronic control devices for car vehicles. Vehicle body electronic control device, including engine control system, chassis control system and body electronic control system (body electronic ECU). The most important role of automotive electronics is to improve the safety, comfort, economy and entertainment of the car. An electronic control system consisting of a sensor, a microprocessor MPU, an actuator, dozens or even hundreds of electronic components and their components. Automotive electronics is considered to be a revolution in the development of automotive technology. The degree of automotive electronics is regarded as an important indicator for measuring the level of modern vehicles. It is the most important technical measure for developing new models and improving vehicle performance. Automakers believe that increasing the number of automotive electronics and promoting automotive electronics is an important and effective means of capturing the future automotive market.

Scheme design:


Program key device table:

Types of Model Vendor Description
Flash AT49LV1025-70JC Atmel IC FLASH 1MBIT 70NS 44PLCC
Master MCU R5S72640 Renesas Graphic dashboard (Low)

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