What are the Differences between Thyristor, MOS tube and IGBT

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Thyristor, MOS tube, IGBT tube are common power electronic control devices. Current-triggered transistors can only be controlled to turn on, but not to turn off, which are semi-controllable.


Voltage triggered MOS tubes and IGBT tubes can control both on and off, which are fully controllable controls. Understand the characteristics of the control is particularly important for power electronics device maintenance, I learned and understand the following summary, I hope to give you some help.


1. Thyristor


1. Thyristor is a high-power semiconductor devices, commonly used to do AC switch, trigger current > 50 mA

2. Features: small size, light weight, no noise, long life, large capacity, high voltage, high current resistance, high power

3. The main application areas: rectifier, inverter, chopper (DC-DC)


2. MOS (MOSFET) tube


1. Role

MOS tube is mostly used as an electronic switch, used in the control circuit to control the load on and off. Gate capacitive effect, even if the power supply is disconnected, the gate may still maintain the voltage.


2. Characteristics

MOSFET high input impedance, drive power is very small, fast switching speed, but the on-state voltage drop is large, the current density is small. n-channel turn-on voltage is generally in 2 ~ 4V; P-channel turn-on voltage is generally in -2 ~ -4V.


3. Identify NNOS, PMOS method

Identify with the help of parasitic diodes. Dial the multimeter gear to the diode file, the red meter pen to S, black meter pen to D, there is a value display, the other way around to no value, that is the N-channel; if the opposite is the P-channel.


4. Application areas

Stepper motor drive, electric drill tools, industrial switching power supply, new energy field, photovoltaic inverter, charging pile, drones, transportation field, car inverter, automotive HID ballast, electric bicycle, green lighting field, CCFL energy-saving lamps, LED lighting power supply, metal halide lamp ballast.



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1. IGBT: insulated gate bipolar transistor, is a combination of MOS tube and transistor, the main role of the inverter and frequency, commonly known as the power electronics device "CPU".


2. Characteristics: both the high input impedance of MOSFET and GTR's low on-state voltage drop two advantages, small driving power and lower saturation voltage.


Present 7 characteristics: 

  • 1. 80% IGBT with damping diode, and can replace the use without damping tube; 

  • 2. can be understood as a high-power triode and field effect tube composition, but can not simply replace the use; 

  • 3. detection can be beeping gear, but also diode gear; 

  • 4. inherited the high impedance of the field effect tube and the advantages of the high counter voltage of the triode, voltage resistance, current resistance, low power consumption; 

  • 5. the application Range tube: current 10-3300A, voltage 600-6500V, operating frequency 10-30Kh; 

  • 6. can be used for high-speed switching; 

  • 7. the starting voltage is low about 3V, the saturation conduction voltage is higher 5-15V.


3. Application areas: ideal for application in DC voltage of 600V and above variable current systems such as AC motors, inverters, switching power supplies, lighting circuits, traction drives and other fields.



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