CR1225 Battery, CR1225 Battery Equivalent, CR1220 Batteries VS CR1225 Batteries

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With the advancement of button battery production technology, the functions of electronic products are diversified and customized. In this article, our team has summirized all about cr1225. Let's move on.

What is CR1225 battery?

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CR1225 is a member of the lithium-manganese battery series. The shell is made of stainless steel strip for lithium batteries. The positive electrode material is made of chemically stable manganese dioxide. The negative electrode material is made of metal lithium. The electrolyte is lithium battery electrolyte, and its main component is the lithium perchlorate. , The solvent is composed of PC (propylene carbonate), DMC (dimethyl carbonate), and DOL (dioxolane).


CR1225 Specifications


Nominal voltage 3V Nominal capacity 50mAh Standard current 0.1mA Maximum continuous current 1.0mA Maximum pulse current 5mA Maximum size Φ12.5x2.5mm Weight 1.0g


The diameter of CR1225 is 12.5mm, the height is 2.5mm, the nominal voltage is 3.0V, and the termination voltage is 2.0V. Generally, the manufacturer’s shipment current is greater than 100mA, the rated capacity is 50mAH, and the operating temperature range is minus 20 degrees to 60 degrees. It can be used at 5 degrees to 60 degrees, and it cannot be used below 5 degrees.

Because of its small size, CR1225 battery has a relatively short shelf life in the 3V lithium-manganese battery series. Generally, manufacturers with good quality can have a shelf life of one year, but most manufacturers have poor quality control, and their actual lifespan will be greatly shortened.


CR1225 Benefits


The annual self-discharge rate is less than 2%, and the storage life is long. The battery adopts reasonable sealing structure and materials, which has good airtightness and is safe to use.

Lithium-manganese batteries have the characteristics of wide temperature range, and the batteries can work normally at -20°C-+60°C, and the effective storage period is one year.


Application of CR1225

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Lithium-manganese button batteries are widely used in electronic dictionaries, cameras, remote controls, blood glucose testers, body fat testers, car tire pressure gauges, electronic scales, perpetual calendars, toys, clocks, attendance machines, MP3, radios, electronic flash products, etc. 


CR1225 Battery Equivalent —— BR-1225/BN

BR-1225/BN Specifications


  • Manufacturer: Panasonic

  • Number of pins: 2

  • Output voltage: 3.00V

  • Dimensions: height 2.5mm diameter 12.5mm

  • Weight: 0.8g

  • Working temperature: -30℃ ~ 80℃

  • Packing method: Tray


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CR1220 Batteries VS CR1225 Batteries

Let's first compare the two types of button batteries, CR1220 and CR1225:


①. The same materials are used. The positive electrode material is manganese dioxide with extremely stable chemical properties, the negative electrode material is precious metal lithium, and the electrolyte is lithium battery electrolyte.

②. The shape is the same, they are all cylindrical.

③. The diameter is the same, both are 12mm.

④. The voltage is the same, the nominal voltage is 3.0V, the end voltage is 2.0V,

⑤. The operating temperature range is the same, both are -20°C~60°C.

⑥. The storage environment is the same, the temperature is about 20 ℃, RH<75%.

⑦. The application products are basically the same, such as industrial environment detectors, control panels, heaters, wireless temperature measuring devices, portable electronic scales, handheld test instruments, video recorders, hardware accessories, etc.

The above and so on are basically their similarities. The most intuitive difference is the thickness. The thickness of CR1225 is 2.5mm, and the thickness of CR1220 is 2.0mm. The difference is only 0.5mm.


CR1225 Dimensions

cr1225 pinout.png

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