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webOS is expected to become the platform of choice for embedded smart devices in the future

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The introduction

After LG announced its move to open source in 2018, webOS smart operating system gained new life and attracted the attention of the industry. Recently, webOS has ushered in another milestone development opportunity.Qt announced the selection of webOS as the Qt Reference Operating System to provide LG with the most comprehensive development environment to provide innovative user experience for the next generation of embedded devices in the automotive, robotics and smart home sectors.

On June 26, in espoo, Finland, Qt announced the further deepening of its long-term partnership with LG electronics, with the goal of making the open-source webOS operating system the preferred platform for embedded smart devices.Through a wide range of business and technical collaborations, Qt and LG will provide customers with the most fully functional operating systems for smart devices in the automotive, robotics and smart home sectors.


I.P. Park, President and chief technology officer of LG electronics, said: "smart devices should offer people an unparalleled experience no matter where we are -- at home, in a car, anywhere in between.Working with Qt allows us to significantly improve webOS, providing our customers with the most advanced platform and developing highly immersive devices and services.We look forward to working with Qt's depth to create memorable user experiences in exciting areas such as cars, smart homes and robotics."

LG chose Qt as its business and technology partner on webOS to meet and exceed challenging demand and lead the market in the automotive, smart home and robotics industries. In recent years, some of the most influential technology trends such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, and automation are in urgent need of innovation in user experience (UX), which is one of the core directions Qt has been focusing on since its inception.With this collaboration, Qt will provide LG with the most powerful end-to-end, integrated development environment for any hardware platform.This environment can better help developers and designers create innovative immersive applications and devices.In addition, webOS will officially become Qt's reference operating system.

The partnership allows customers to take advantage of webOS 'mature middleware, which includes many features on automotive, connectivity, media, and content services, saving significant time and effort in embedded development projects.Meanwhile, Qt's feature-rich development tools -- including Qt Creator, Qt Design Studio, and Qt 3D Studio -- will also support webOS, as the latter will be the reference operating system for Qt.

"LG has long been a leader in the technology industry and this is one of the many reasons why it is a highly trusted partner of Qt," said Qt CEO Juha Varelius. By working with LG, we can make it very easy for customers to develop smart devices, which will redefine the word 'smart'."

Today's smart devices -- such as smartwatches, voice-activated robots, and smart in-car infotainment systems -- make consumers' lives easier with stable Internet connections, highly intuitive user interfaces, and the ability to learn from user behavior patterns. Today's webOS platform supports many smart home devices, including LG's smart TVS and smart appliances, and will play a huge potential in high-growth industries such as smart cars, ultimately benefiting consumers.

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