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Water meter solution based on Renesas R8C series MCU

Author: Release time:2016-11-22 Source: Font: Big Middle Small View count:777

Program Description:

Renesas R8C/Lx series MCUs not only minimize standby current during operation, but also operate over a wide range of voltages. In addition, the R8C/Lx series LCD driver has a large number of pins for driving, and is suitable for applications with LCD panels to achieve miniaturization of the instrument. Therefore, the R8C/Lx series is the most suitable MCU for water meter applications. In order to comply with the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, the use of smart meters capable of remotely controlling various household appliances and systems to make more efficient use of local energy resources is increasing. At the same time, with the globalization of smart grids, smart water meters that offer a complete solution are gradually increasing. MCUs used in smart water meters must have ultra-low power consumption and can operate at low voltages.

Scheme design:


Program key device table:

Types of Model Vendor Description
MCU R5F21257SDFP#U0 Renesas IC R8C/25 MCU FLASH 52LQFP
EEPROM R1EX24002ASAS0A Renesas I2C Bus interface
Switching diode HSU119/HSC119 Renesas Pin surface mount
Schottky diodes HRC0103C Renesas 2 Pin surface mount (low VF, low leakage current)
MOS FET RQJ0203WGDQA,RQJ0202VGDQA Renesas Low voltage (2.5V) drive, MPAK

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