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The composition and role of electronic connectors

Author: Release time:2022-09-08 Source: Font: Big Middle Small View count:90

1. What is a connector

Electronic connectors generally refer to various electronic components between the connection unit, mainly used as a chip to the board, the board, and the board to the box electronic signal connection and transmission. By type can be divided into connectors, cylindrical connectors, the popular PCMCIA specification connectors, etc.

Although the definition of electronic connectors is not yet clear, the scope of coverage and the general understanding does not include high-voltage, high-current appliances or electrical connectors other than power plugs or sockets: electrical switches are also not included. In terms of applications, most electronic connectors are used in computers, telecommunications, aviation, automotive, and various instrumentation.

2. Connector applications

Electronic connectors are used in electrical products. As the name implies, it plays the electronic number or component connection. As the transmission and connection of the electronic number, if the electronic connector has problems, it will lead to the failure of electronic components or even the whole equipment. The entire connector consists of two main parts: the terminal and the plastic. Terminal parts, in addition to the choice of materials, plating, and mold quality, will affect the quality of the product. Of course, plastic parts are the same.

3. Connector Manufacturing

Electronic connector manufacturing, from the design to the finished product, can be divided into metal and plastic. In addition to selecting materials, the metal part is plating and die stamping as the main work; mold work is mold design, mold opening, injection molding, and then metal components to form electronic connectors. Electronic connectors are used for electrical products. As the name implies, it acts as a connection for electronic signals or components. It is a multi-combined or assembled product covered with metal sheets. Surface plating, precision machining, plastic molding, and other key technologies. As for the transmission and connection of electronic signals, if there is a problem with the electronic connector, it will lead to part of the choice of materials, plating, and the quality of the mold will affect the quality of the product; of course, the plastic part is the same.

Its manufacture includes five main technologies. 

a. Mold technology. 

b. Injection molding technology 

c. Plating technology.

d. Assembly technology. 

e.Inspection technology. 

Therefore, the required manufacturing technology also needs to rapidly increase the precision requirements, while the manufacturer's concept of precision has also changed. There is a need to manufacture precision connectors. Otherwise, in the future, the connector market will be eliminated because the quality can not compete with the electronic components or even the entire device failure. The entire connector includes terminals and plastic terminals.

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