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The reason why the power adapter is hot

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Power adapter normal temperature

During the development phase of the power adapter, there will be a test evaluation of various parameter performances. Temperature is one of them. Under normal circumstances, the surface temperature rise of the power adapter will be controlled within 30-35 °C. As we all know, the power adapter is used indoors, then the indoor temperature will generally not exceed 40 °C, and the normal temperature is around 25 °C. Then even at a maximum of 40 ° C, the power adapter's case temperature is also within 75 ° C. The temperature resistance of the outer casing is around 100 °C, and the temperature resistance of the nameplate sticker is around 80 °C. So 75 ° C is almost the limit. In fact, as long as the temperature of the power adapter is within the design range, that is, the temperature is within the normal range, it is generally not dangerous!

power adapter

Power adapter heat cause

It is normal for the power adapter to heat up. The conversion efficiency of the power adapter to the power supply can only reach about 75-85 at present. When the voltage is converted, some of the energy is lost. Except for a small part of the loss in the form of waves, most of them are emitted in the form of heat. . The greater the power of the power adapter, the more energy is lost, and the heat generated by the power supply is greater.

At present, the power adapters on the market are sealed with fire-resistant and high-temperature plastics, and the heat generated inside is mainly transmitted through the plastic casing. Therefore, the surface temperature of the power adapter is still quite high, and the maximum temperature will reach 70 degrees or so!

power adapter

Power adapter heating solution

1. Select switch components with small voltage drop and low loss. The heat dissipation area should be as large as possible. The switching power supply above 100W should have a metal perforated casing or a cooling fan.

2. Try to place the power adapter in a place with good ventilation and heat dissipation. Never put anything like a book on the power supply.

3. When using the notebook in a high temperature environment, place the notebook power adapter in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight and ventilation; do not place the power adapter near the heat dissipation air outlet of the notebook, otherwise the heat of the power adapter will not be dissipated. Go out and absorb some of the heat.

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