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How to identify the true and false of memory

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The size of the memory in the computer directly affects the speed and effect of the computer, so many people will pay attention to the size of the memory when buying a computer. If you buy a product with a large memory, if the computer has insufficient memory, you will also buy a memory stick to increase the memory. . However, after buying a computer or a memory stick, many people will find that its memory size is falsified. For example, a product that displays 500m is actually only 400m. In order to compare the fake memory products you bought, you need to know the method of identification. So how to identify fake memory?

Causes of false memory

The reason for the appearance of fake memory is profit. Many manufacturers make profits by making fake memory and can get more money.

How to identify the true and false of memory

The harm of fake memory

If the computer uses fake memory, the computer may get a blue screen, freeze, and need to be shut down and restarted frequently. For a long time, this will cause harm to other hardware in the computer, jeopardize the quality of the computer, and cause damage to the computer.

What are the common ways to falsify memory?

The most common ways to falsify memory sticks or memory cards are polishing, refurbishing, recharging, changing characters, etc. Recharging with sub-time is to use some broken or old memory sticks for special treatment, so that the memory particles can work normally and then repackaged into new products for sale; polishing is to erase the writing of the memory particles, and then replace it with Kingston and other well-known The brand's logo; changing the word is to rewrite part of the letters of the memory particles; refurbishing is to re-weld the recovered "garbage chips" and then sell them as new products.

How to identify fake memory?

1. Look at the particle information

The text of genuine memory particles is clear, smooth and flat, without any changes; the fake memory particles have fine friction marks, the text is wrong, and the surface is not smooth.

2. Side of memory

There are a lot of capacitor groups under the genuine memory chip, and the spacing is relatively large; there is no group for the imitation, and then the spacing is relatively dense.

3. Identification of details

A genuine memory chip has a positioning pit, and its main function is to fix the number of particles; while the imitation memory chip does not see this positioning pit.

4. The difference between gold fingers

Genuine gold fingers use high-quality materials, workmanship, and the surface is smooth without any traces; the genuine gold fingers of the imitations are rough in workmanship, and are more seriously worn and easily damaged.

5. Durability

Genuine memory is more durable and can be used for several years; the memory of the imitation is broken in a few months.

How to identify fake memory? When you buy a memory stick or related products, you should choose a product from a well-known brand or a regular manufacturer. At the same time, you should find a warranty card with the merchant so that you can avoid buying fake memory. When purchasing a memory stick, you can also directly verify the authenticity, and find that the goods are not processed in time.

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