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How to choose a suitable industrial connector?

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In recent years, with the increasing degree of industrial automation and connectors have been more than to ensure the interconnection of devices, its function has been extended to the connection between the equipment and the reliable guarantee of current and signal transmission. Therefore, industrial connector components that can be applied to harsh environments and connect various devices and systems have become necessary for industrial production.

From PCB circuit boards and sensors to drives and motors to industrial computers, electrical cabinets, and even production lines and machines ...... are usually required to be connected to work together. In this process, the various industrial connectors play a very important role.

The connector's reliability directly determines the equipment system's performance; in the face of different application scenarios, the classification of industrial connectors is also extremely diverse and complex. In the face of industrial automation production needs, how manufacturers should choose a suitable industrial connector?

The following summarizes the following points.

1、The type of connector

What to connect and where to use these issues is the first thing to consider determining the type of industrial connector selected.

The connector used in the location (indoor, outdoor, corrosive environment, and so on) will affect whether to enhance the sealing of the air plug or in addition to the insulation body masking shell.

The connector type determines which terminals are used and how many conductive terminals will be arranged. Of course, this also involves some reference to terminal technology.

2、Electrical requirements

In selecting industrial electrical connectors, consider the electrical requirements of the product. The product and how the voltage and current requirements, whether the connector can be well used in such electrical, these issues the electrical requirements are what we need to consider.

In addition, we also need to consider some other electrical conditions: resistance, the amount of resistance change allowed, millivolt drop, the maximum current value, the maximum voltage value, inrush current value, characteristic impedance, VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio), plugging loss and EMI masking efficiency.

3、Environmental requirements

The location of the electrical connector determines temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions, so the location and the expected environment should be considered. And other relevant storage conditions of the applicable period and what is the information.

The description of the environment should also cover the requirements for shock and vibration, including requirements from shipping, as well as production environmental conditions such as soldering temperatures and the duration of the soldering cycle. According to the connector manufacturer, the industrial connector is guided by the continuous convergent current around the highest temperature generated by the region.

4、Mechanical performance requirements

For industrial connectors, what kind of volume and coverage area (footprint) is effective; allowable dimensional tolerance is how much; terminal insertion and extraction force is how much; connector durability (plugging and unplugging with frequency) how? These factors are all to be considered when selecting electrical connectors.

For example, it is important to determine the board's tolerance for printed circuit boards. It is the critical value of the card edge connector and the feasibility of reaching the critical. For low-power circuits, the plating and the underlying material must be specified with the signal standard and environmental class.

5、Product specifications

Industrial connector manufacturers can use about 25 test bodies (the specifications developed) as a source of all or part of their connector test specifications. Consideration must be given to appropriate test specifications in specific application situations, including international common.

In industrial manufacturing towards automation and intelligence, industrial connectors have been widely used in all aspects of industrial production to achieve industrial interconnection, so it is very important to choose the best quality aviation plugs.

Through the introduction, I believe that you understand how to select the right industrial connector. If you want to know some highly reliable industrial connector brands, we recommend that you can look at Lingcod.

Link is focused on independent innovation, research, and the development of highly reliable industrial connector brand manufacturers. The products are distributed around the world in many countries and regions. Link's aviation plugs have various specifications and a complete range of highly reliable connections. Among them, the YM series industrial connectors are highly resistant to corrosion, UV ageing, high and low temperature, IP68 protection level, etc. They can adapt to various corrosive environments and meet the needs of industrial production. They are widely used in marine equipment, landscape lights, sensors, solar photovoltaics, intelligent garbage recycling equipment, intelligent cleaning machines, disinfection robots, fire trucks and other fields.

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