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Driving everything, Japan’s electric power industry is heading towards its 10 trillion yen target

Author: Release time:2019-06-26 Source: Font: Big Middle Small View count:54

The past two decades have been dubbed "the lost two decades" by the Japanese media.However, there is one low-profile Japanese technology giant that has not stopped. After decades of layout, its brushless motor has become the first in the world in terms of sales volume, and its market share in the field of electronic components such as small precision motors and automatic devices is among the highest in the world.Nidec is the pride of Japan and the world's first-class motor manufacturer. It can earn more than 100 billion RMB a year by selling a small motor.Its products are mainly small precision motors, the main brand covers IT, home appliances, industry, automobile, business and other fields.The brushless dc motor, axial fan and spindle motor of hard disk drive device produced by the enterprise account for more than 70% of the world market.Amid a wave of technology and uncertain business prospects, Japan electric power is to review its supply strategy to further broaden the market.

Recently, Japan's electricity is produced in China for the first time at a news conference for our electricity production in the future strategic planning and target are introduced, the Japanese electricity production, CEO (chief operating officer) of gibbon hao China, Japan's electricity production group President Mr Yuki, according to Mr Xing, made (Shanghai) international trade co., LTD. (Mr Lin bin, deputy general manager attended the conference.In addition, the group will accelerate the strategic layout of localization in China, aiming to achieve sales of 50 billion yuan in China by 2020 (sales of 22 billion yuan in China in 2018).

Dedicated to all "rotating and moving bodies"

Electric power is striving to build "all rotating bodies, moving bodies" the world's leading integrated motor manufacturer, according to hiroyuki gibbon, founded in 1973, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, electric power set up its first factory in China in 1992.At present, it has 326 branches and about 140,000 employees worldwide.In 2014, Japan's electricity sales topped 1 trillion yen for the first time.It made its fortune by making hard disk drive motors, sometimes as thin as 3mm, which are made in the billions.As a result, Nippon electric power co., ltd. has accumulated fine machining technology and precision stamping technology, and positioned itself as a "rotating and moving body" supplier covering all fields.

At present, it is the world's largest supplier of electric motors for electronic products and one of the suppliers of the automobile industry.Its products are mainly small precision motors, the main brand covers IT, home appliances, industry, automobile, business and other fields.The brushless dc motor, axial fan and spindle motor of hard disk drive device produced by the enterprise account for more than 70% of the world market.In the market, stepper motors for hard disk drives, vibration motors for mobile phones/smartphones, motors for electric power steering systems and liquid crystal glass substrate moving and applying mechanical arms are their representative products, accounting for 85%, 40%, 30% and 70% of the market share respectively.

In terms of revenue structure, the motor business, which is used in household appliances, commerce and industry, accounts for the largest proportion, about 35.5 percent.Precision small motor business accounted for 29.1%, vehicle business accounted for 19.6%;Electronic and optical components accounted for 10.8 percent of the business.

Electronics and auto industry are two major industries in Japan, and their intersection brings broader opportunities for Japanese electricity production.Introduction: since its establishment in 1973, the company has always maintained a rapid momentum of development, so in the long term, the company has full confidence in performance.Under these expectations, the company has set a long-term target of more than y2,000bn in sales and more than 15 per cent in consolidated operating margins by 2020.By 2030, Japan is aiming for ¥10 trillion in electricity sales.

Ride the wave of technological innovation

In terms of the specific business strategy supporting the target, hiroyuki yoshimoto proposed that in response to the future industrial transformation, Japan electric power industry will focus on the five major technological innovation waves of energy-saving household appliances, agricultural and logistics automation, extensive application of robots, auto automation and electrification, and 5G communication technology.At present, the company has completed the globalization layout and technology accumulation facing the five waves of innovation.

At the press conference, the President of China division, kai zhaoxing, explained the strategic deployment of Japan electric power group in China in the context of "past, present and future". Jia fei revealed that in the future Chinese business, Japan electric power group will be based on the five waves of innovation, and combined with China's national conditions and policies, to improve the competitiveness in the Chinese market.In terms of business operation, local Chinese cadres will drive the growth of the company, further strengthen the local research and development system, and thoroughly implement the "China speed, China price". 


In order to achieve the sales target of 50 billion yuan by 2020, Nippon electric power group will continue to increase investment in China and strengthen the vehicles-on-board development and production bases in dalian, pinghu and suzhou as well as the development centers of communication, industrial automation, logistics and 5G technology in east and south China.

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