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What is the role of film capacitors?

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Film capacitors are also known as plastic film capacitors in their living environment. They mainly use plastic film as a dielectric. Due to the different electrical properties of the capacitor, it is also very diverse. For example, electrolyte capacitors, air capacitors, paper capacitors and film capacitors. The application is even more chasing, and has made great contributions in their respective areas of discovery. At the same time, it also brings a lot of benefits to people's lives.

It is mainly made of metal foil as an electrode and then works by electric energy. Because it has many excellent characteristics, it is an excellent capacitor, just like the common knowledge of science and technology, non-polarity, good insulation resistance and so on. All, many analog circuits will use it, and it is safe and reliable, which can reduce the harm to people themselves.

In addition to being used as a circuit, film capacitors are still very useful. They can be seen in many industries such as electronics, home appliances, telephones, and electrical. Many people are exposed to these things every day, but they don't know. It is made of film capacitors.

film capacitors

Film capacitors are used in a wide range of applications, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, fans, power supplies, and more. Film capacitors are also involved in the transportation industry, and we are familiar with motor vehicles as well as film capacitors. What role does the film capacitor play in the application field? Let us explain it.

1) Application in power electronic circuits. The film capacitor is used here, mainly to act as a buffer for the power current and clamp, resonant bypass, and to suppress the electromagnetic interference of the power supply.

2) When the film capacitor is used as a bypass, it mainly acts to reduce the impedance of the DC bus and absorb the ripple current from the load, thereby effectively suppressing the fluctuation of the DC bus voltage due to sudden load changes.

3) When the device is used in a resonant converter, it can function to achieve resonance with the inductor.

Film capacitors play different roles in the field of unused fields. We must be clear about the application of film capacitors, so that they are more convenient when used.

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