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Three common problems with rectifier diodes

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Frequently Asked Questions about Rectifier Diodes: How to deal with fast recovery rectifier diodes?

A: The fast recovery rectifier diode is very hot. Even if the fast recovery rectifier diode with large power is replaced, it is still very hot. In this case, it is recommended to use ultra-fast recovery rectifier diode because the current signal frequency is higher and the current is The effective value, there may be high frequency components in the signal, the current peak far exceeds the 2A you measured, which leads to the peak power of the diode is particularly high, the speed of the fast recovery rectifier diode can not keep up, so the fast recovery rectifier diode tube will become very hot.

Rectifier diode common problem 2: How to calculate the power consumption of the rectifier diode?

Answer: Rectifier diode does not have much meaning in calculating power consumption. It is recommended that you consult the relevant specifications. Note that there is a key parameter for inrush current and average current, because the voltage at both ends of the large electrolysis is 0 at the moment of power-on, and the diode or bridge can pass. The current is extremely large, and it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is within the range allowed in the specification. When the diode or bridge is heated, the average current allowed to pass will decrease. This is the same in the specification. . Of course, DIYER has a large margin when selecting bridges, and generally there will be no problems, so it is very important that there is a key parameter for surge current and average current;

rectifier diodes

Rectifier diode common problem three: What are the common parameters of rectifier diode?

Answer: Common parameters of rectifier diode include: maximum average rectified current IF, highest reverse operating voltage VR, maximum reverse current IR, breakdown voltage VR, maximum operating frequency fm, reverse recovery time tre, zero bias capacitor CO seven Parameters. It is worth noting that due to the limitations of the manufacturing process, even the same type of diode has a large parameter dispersion.

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