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Simplified internal and external lighting, Diodes introduces LED driver

Author: Release time:2019-07-25 Source: Font: Big Middle Small View count:44

Diodes has introduced two automotive LED drivers that combine powerful performance, minimal design and flexibility to accommodate a variety of internal and external lighting applications such as fog lights, position lights, rear lights and door lights.

The AL8860Q and AL8861Q have a wide operating voltage range (4.5V to 40V) that can withstand load dump events and operate at low startup voltages that stop the start of product applications. This driver utilizes hysteresis mode buck control to simplify the feedback loop design with only four external components, so stability is extremely high. Designers can save space and minimize the list of electronic materials; this is because the drive uses an integrated mains MOSFET and a programmable switching frequency of up to 1MHz, so a small output inductor can be used.


The unit can drive up to 40W with a 1.5A power supply, depending on the supply voltage and external components. In addition, both drivers support analog dimming from 0.3V to 2.5V and high-precision PWM dimming from 1% to 100%, providing a variety of automatic or user-adjusted brightness controls. Thanks to the above flexibility, the drive can be used in a variety of different applications in and out of the car, allowing designers to efficiently create multiple lamp types using the same drive and simplify manufacturing inventory management.

A full range of built-in protection features help ensure reliability and safety, including short-circuit and open LED protection and thermal shutdown. In addition, the AL8861Q features current sense resistors and short-circuit protection.

Both drivers are available in a high power density MSOP-8EP package with analog and PWM dimming via a single control pin. This control pin and its analog dimming function require only one capacitor for slow start-up of the LED current.

The AL8860Q and AL8861Q are automotive compliant and support PPAP files. The AL8860Q and AL8861Q are compliant with the AEC-Q100 Grade 1 specification.c

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