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Automotive Electronics Applications - New MC9S12XE Series Microcontrollers

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Basic Information

Automotive electronics is a general term for vehicle body electronics and vehicle electronics. Automotive electronics have unique requirements for components (car gauge grade) and require devices to operate normally from -40°C to +125°C.

Vehicle body electronic equipment includes: electronic fuel injection system, brake anti-lock control, anti-skid control, traction control, electronic control suspension, electronically controlled automatic transmission, electronic power steering, etc.

In-vehicle electronic devices include: on-board computers, navigation systems, car audio and television entertainment systems, in-vehicle communication systems, and Internet access devices.

Advantage manufacturer

New features in the new MC9S12XE family of microcontrollers include: Memory Protection Unit (MPU) and Flash with Error Correction Code (ECC), as well as Enhanced EEPROM Functionality (EEE), Enhanced XGATE, FM Phase-Locked Loop (IPLL) and Fast ATD. The E series has increased the flash memory capacity to 1MB based on the S12X product, and the 208-foot flagship MC9S12XE100 has increased the number of I/Os.

Designed for automotive multiplex and general-purpose body applications, the MC9S12XE series offers all the benefits and benefits of 32-bit performance and 16-bit MCUs. It also retains the low cost, low power, EMC and efficient code rates that Freescale's existing 16-bit MC9S12 and S12X MCU families enjoy.

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