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Evaluation kit for linear motion and next-generation 3D sensors

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Infineon offers a range of design kits that cost-effectively evaluate its 3D sensors. After all, even in the initial stages of sensor design, developers must test whether the selected sensor meets performance requirements. In addition, appropriate magnets should be provided. A variety of evaluation kits make design entry quick and easy. The TLE / TLI493D 3D Magnetic Sensor Evaluation Kit with different magnetic brackets is now equipped with a "Linear Slider" for detecting linear motion.

The TLE / TLI493D 3D magnetic sensor is now available in a new generation for high-precision 3D scanning. By sensing 3D, linear and rotary motion, the sensor is ideal for a wide range of applications in the industrial, automotive and consumer sectors. Thanks to magnetic field detection in the x, y and z directions, the sensor reliably measures three-dimensional, linear and rotational (360-degree) motion.

Design kit for joystick, rotary and linear applications

For designs with 3D sensors, the 3D magnetic sensor 2GO design kit provides a low-cost evaluation board with a 3D magnetic sensor and an ARM Cortex-M0 CPU. The kit has all the necessary components and functions, including a debugger, to provide efficient design support. In addition to the 3D magnetic sensor, the board features an XMC1000 microcontroller connected to the sensor and an XMC4200 microcontroller for debugging and USB communication. The micro USB connector is used to power and ensure communication with the GUI. In addition to user-configurable LEDs, voltage regulators, reverse current and ESD protection diodes, the board also includes LEDs for power and debug. External wiring (oscilloscope, external microcontroller, etc.) is available through the pin header.

The kit is equipped with a separate magnet that can be placed manually. In addition, Infineon offers magnet holders that can be connected to the evaluation board. There are two versions so far: joysticks and knobs. Now, with the linear slider (Figure 1), a device for measuring linear motion has been added. This allows linear motion to be measured by adjusting the stroke and air gap.


Advanced products with advanced features

The new 3D sensor (Fig. 2) TLE493D-W2B6 is designed for automotive applications (the TLI493D-A2B6 is an industrial application version with slightly reduced functionality) and offers some extended features compared to the previous generation. For example, the new sensor has integrated wake-up and enhanced matching. Four predefined standard addresses, a larger measurement range and higher resolution simplify and extend the application. Flux density of +/- 160 mT can now be measured with a programmable resolution of 65μT (typ). X-Y angle measurement is also supported. The diagnostic function checks the digital and analog circuits as well as the Hall elements of the sensor. The maximum frequency is 8 kHz, while the power consumption in power-down mode is only 7 nA (typical). The sensor can be triggered by an external microcontroller via the I2C protocol.

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