1N5404 Rectifier Diode: Pinout, Features, Specs, Equivalents, Explanation and More 2023

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What is Rectifier Diode


A rectifier diode is an electronic component that allows current to flow in only one direction. It is used in power supply applications to convert alternating current (AC) voltage into direct current (DC) voltage. In a power supply circuit, a rectifier diode is connected to the AC input and its output is connected to a filter capacitor to smooth out the DC voltage. The resulting DC voltage is then used to power electronic devices.


Without a rectifier diode, the AC voltage from the power source would cause the electronic device to operate unpredictably, as the voltage would be constantly changing polarity. By using a rectifier diode, the AC voltage is converted into a steady DC voltage that is suitable for powering electronic devices. Therefore, rectifier diodes are an essential component in many electronic devices and power supply circuits.


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Why 1N5404 is Popular in Rectifier Diode


The 1N5404 rectifier diode is a commonly used option for converting AC voltage into DC voltage in power supply applications. It is widely used in various electronic devices and equipment, such as power supplies, battery chargers, and DC motors.


The 1N5404 diode has a maximum average forward rectified current of 3 amps and a peak repetitive reverse voltage of 400 volts, which makes it suitable for low to medium power applications. It is a popular choice among electronic hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals due to its low cost and high reliability. The 1N5404 rectifier diode is readily available and easy to use, making it an ideal option for many power supply applications.


The Introduction to 1N5404 Rectifier Diode


The 1N5404 is part of the IN540x series of diodes, the other diodes in this series are the 1N5400, 1N5401, 1N5402, 1N5406, 1N5407 and 1N5408. All the diodes in this series have almost identical characteristics, but the only difference is the "peak repetitive reverse voltage" and the "non-repetitive reverse voltage". The only difference is the "peak repetitive reverse voltage" and "non-repetitive reverse voltage", but if you want to use these diodes in circuits below 50V or want to drive loads below 50V, then these are not factors to consider.


For example, if it is used in a portable battery-powered circuit or a circuit that requires 3V, 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V, etc., or if the load to be driven by this diode is to be any of these diodes, then it can easily be replaced by any of the diodes connected. However, if the circuit or load requires a voltage as high as 50V, you need to select the type of diode you want to use based on that voltage. For example, the 1N5401 peak repetitive reverse voltage of 100V, 1N5402 for 200V, etc., now simply replace the lower peak repetitive diode with a higher diode can work.


In addition, the last diode in the series has a peak repetitive reverse voltage of up to 1000V, so it can be replaced with any diode in series.


1N5404 Pin Configuration


The 1N5404 diode consists of two pins, the Cathode and the Anode, whose symbols are shown below:



1N5404 Specification


  • Package type: DO-201 package

  • Diode type: Rectifier diode for general purpose applications

  • Maximum repetitive reverse voltage: 400 volts

  • Average forward rectification current: 3000mA

  • Non-repetitive maximum reverse current: 200A

  • Maximum reverse current: 10uA

  • Maximum storage and operating temperature should be: -65 to +150 degrees Celsius

  • Equivalent and replacement models include: P300M, CR3-100, CR3-120, G3M, FR307, FR607, HER508, and V3510.


1N5404 Main Applications


The 1N5404 diode can be used in various applications such as high voltage rectification up to 1000 V in power supplies, converters and inverters. In addition, it can be used for a variety of different protection purposes in electronic circuits, such as positive break voltage spikes, positive break currents, etc. Some common applications include:

  • Adapters

  • Low voltage to high voltage rectification

  • Battery Charger

  • Power supply

  • Boost and rumble converters

  • AC to DC Converters

  • Circuit protection purposes

  • Blocking of voltage and current in any desired direction


For safety and long-term performance, the 1N5404 diode should not be used up to its absolute maximum rating. It is recommended that it be driven to at least 20% below its maximum rating. The maximum repetitive reverse voltage is 400 V, so do not drive loads exceeding 320 V.


The maximum average rectified forward current is 3A, so do not drive loads exceeding 2.4 A. Check the anode and cathode pins before placing the circuit and always store or operate at temperatures above -65 "C and below 150°C.




The 1N5404 is a 3A 400V unidirectional rectifier diode with low forward voltage drop, high reverse breakdown voltage, good withstand performance, and small size. It is commonly used in DC/DC converters, switching power supplies, DC-DC regulators, UPS power supply systems, and other applications.


If you are looking for a diode that can replace the 1N4007 and has higher current capability, then the 1N5404 may be a good choice. This diode can drive loads up to 3A while aiming for the DO-201 package which is slightly larger than the DO-45, but it doesn't matter if the size is slightly larger as an additional 2 amps of current can be utilized for driving.



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