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Intelligent robot will become the mainstream of the future world

Author: Release time:2019-06-26 Source: Font: Big Middle Small View count:40

The development of science and technology network has brought a lot of convenience to our life. All kinds of scientific and technological products that did not belong to this world have come out one after another. The appearance of these scientific and technological products is also an important reason that makes people's life more and more convenient.With the advent of the digital age and the continuous development and improvement of artificial intelligence technology, robots are becoming increasingly intelligent.

Japanese people are very keen on robot research, after so many years of research.Not long ago launched the beauty robot, as the name suggests the Japanese launched this beauty robot, very much like a real person, even more beautiful than human women.Therefore, it is loved by people.

The Japanese beauty robot's skin feels just like that of a real person, and it is made of special materials. It is no different from human skin in both the sense of touch and the vision.In addition to the skin and human almost, Japanese scientists in order to more realistic, but also for the beauty robot thermostat system, so this beauty robot is not an ice-cold machine, its temperature and human body temperature is about the same.


In addition to all this, the scientists have also placed an intelligent chip inside the robot, which enables her to communicate with people without obstacles.And know what to say and what not to say.It can also tell people's emotions from their facial expressions, and then it can switch between multiple expressions.

Her intelligence is one of the things that people like most about her. In addition to her beautiful appearance and human body temperature, people are enthusiastic about her, so she has been ordered in the pre-order period.For this reason, China has followed suit, and boy welfare has arrived.

Over the years, China has been continuously on the intelligent robot research, through continuous efforts, produced female robot jia jia.The Chinese female robot also looks like a real person, with rich expressions and movements, and is able to carry out simple conversations with people.The launch of this robot in China is a very meaningful thing for Chinese men.

The ratio of male to female is seriously out of balance in China. So far, there are a large number of single men in China. In addition, with the increasing pressure of life, the life of single men is not so good.The introduction of this female robot in China can relieve their stress and help them deal with loneliness.Because having a female robot who can talk to herself is totally different than having a human being.

At the same time, it can well solve social conflicts, greatly reduce the crime rate and promote the harmony of Chinese society. Intelligent robot will become the mainstream of the world in the future. Although the technology of intelligent robot is not so perfect now, it is still in constant progress.It is believed that in the near future, robot is no longer a rare thing, but a normal state of society.

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